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    About Us

    Noonies Pet Care provides professional dog training, dog grooming, dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi and other relevant services in Newcastle NSW and surrounding areas. The business has been owned and operated by Darrin & Carol since 2008. We take pride in what we do by understanding the love you have for your pet and their health and well-being. Noonies will care for your pet under the instructions you give to us so you have the assurance your pet is being cared for as you would at your home.  To learn more about us, click the button below

    Our Services

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    Dog Training

    Unlock effective dog training techniques to enhance obedience, behaviour, and bond between you and your pet.

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    Dog Grooming

    Professional dog grooming services ensure your pet’s health and happiness with expert care, styling, and personalized attention.

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    Dog Walking

    Explore professional dog walking services tailored to your pet’s pace for health, socialization, and joyous outdoor adventures.

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    Pet Sitting

    Expert pet-sitting services ensuring safety, comfort, and personalized care for your beloved animal companions at home

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    Small Animal Care

    Expert care for your cherished small pets, ensuring their health, happiness, and well-being with personalized attention and services.

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    Pet Taxi

    Pet taxi services ensure safe, comfortable transport for your pets, offering door-to-door convenience and peace of mind

    How Our Services Work

    Our main focus is for the individual dog and will usually be walked one on one. If there is a dog in your area that your dog will socialise well with, we can do walks with another one or two dogs. Noonies does not take dogs to dog parks for safety reasons.

    • Dog Walks will be up to 30 minutes and are $30.00 per walk. Extra charge of $5.00 – $10.00 for extra dog from the same household.

    Our Pet Care also offers our reliable Pet Sitting service if you go away. We can look after your Dog, Cat, or Small Caged Animal at your home. We can walk, feed, play, water check, remove dog or cat droppings, check your mail and do any other general tasks required.

    • Dogs: $35.00 – $40.00 per visit. Extra dog or other animals from same household will be charged accordingly.
    • Cats: $30.00 per visit – Extra cat or cats from same household will be charged accordingly.

    We also offer a Grooming service for your dog. Our services range from a Basic Wash to Full Grooming. We will groom your dog at our premises in Salt Ash NSW. We don’t offer a mobile service. We don’t groom cats. We only service areas inside a radius of 25km from Salt Ash for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.

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    Some of Our Reviews

    Catherine Edwards
    Catherine Edwards
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️ beautiful Carol! You are simply the best! We love & appreciate you & SO happy we have found you! We could not recommend you more highly! Words alone could not express my sincere gratitude.????
    Shane Marshall
    Shane Marshall
    Very happy with the service at Noonies. Our dogs are usually very anxious at typical grooming environments but they were very comfortable during and afterwards. Highly recommend ????
    Angela Reeve
    Angela Reeve
    Carol did an amazing job on out cavoodles. Chloe and Ava looked so good and very calm and relaxed. Our eldest cavoodle has anxiety and Carol spend the time to reassure her that everything was ok.
    Sofia S
    Sofia S
    Carol is a wonderfully calm pet groomer. She gave great advice and checked the cut with me during the groom. I took Bowie, my 5 month cavoodle, for his first groom and he came home calm, happy, soft and fluffy. Darrin was great when I called to make the booking and explained everything so well. Thank you Carol and Darrin.
    lynette platt
    lynette platt
    Out of all groomers I have tried for my Border Collie Noonie’s are the only groom as a Border should be done Great Groomer
    Peter Charge
    Peter Charge
    Took a small poodle with a very average home haircut and made him into a prince.
    Amy Steele
    Amy Steele
    Professional and fantastic service.
    David Hopewell
    David Hopewell
    Darrin and Carole were really kind and helpful. Seeing Cleo at short notice while we were on holidays in Port Stephens We had just had a bad experience with a grooming service at home but she came back to us from Noonies looking beautiful!!! Just like her old self. Thanks Noonies, we think you’re terrific!!
    A.M. Doherty
    A.M. Doherty
    Zaydi loved her first grooming visit and we were very pleased with the attention to detail and had wonderful experience. Highly recommend ????????


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