About Noonies Pet Care

Noonies Pet Care is a professional and reliable Pet Care business owned and operated by Darrin & Carol since 2008. We take pride in what we do by understanding the love you have for your pet and their health and well being. Noonies will care for your pet under the instructions you give to us so you have the assurance your pet is being cared for as you would at your home. Noonies will not dictate to you on how to look after your furry friend of the family. We will offer you advice and give you different ideas only if we believe will benefit your pet.

Noonies Pet Care doesn’t employ extra staff. We strongly stand by this decision because we don’t want to risk the safety and security of your pet or your home. Nor do we want to jeopardize our proven reputation. You and your pet will only have to deal with Darrin & Carol and not have to worry about different people entering your home or interacting with your pet on a daily basis. We will meet with you before we begin any of our services so you will have the peace of mind who you are putting your faith in. We are both Police Checked and happy to give you references on request. You won’t see testimonials on our website because we believe our results and reputation speak for themselve



Darrin has worked in a number of industries during his working life including 15 years in the military where he gained organisation, discipline, drive, fitness and leadership skills to help with the running of a successful business. Darrin has always had a great temperament, love and Darrin-Reeceunderstanding for all animals especially dogs. He had a number of pets growing up. In 2008 after working in industries such as Defence, IT, Recruitment and Virgin Australia. He decided to follow his passion in life and take the risk of starting a small Dog Walking business. Within 6 months Noonies Pet Care was a full time successful small business. A month or so later Darrin met Carol and the rest is history. Over the years, Darrin and Carol have learnt from the day to day experiences of being around different animals and learnt more about their habits, mannerisms, social interactions.


Carol has had a love and passion for all animals since she was a little girl. She had a number of different pets but her dream was to own her own horse. At the age of 15 after saving every penny, Carol’s dreams come true when she bought her own horse. From that day Carol gained the knowledge, responsibility and understanding of the importance of caring for an animal at such a young age. While her teenage friends where hanging out partying, Carol was riding, grooming and caring for her horse. Things have never really changed as she got older and Carol continued to gain further knowledge by gaining skills in basic vet nursing, animal behaviour and dog and horse grooming. Carol was the perfect fit for Noonies Pet Care because like Darrin, Carol has the love for animals and now they both have successfully grown Noonies Pet Care into the success it is today by providing the following great services:

and many more

A smiling woman in a cap hugging two large, fluffy black Newfoundland dogs on a grassy lawn

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  • Address: Salt Ash, NSW 2318, AUSTRALIA
  • Phone: 0411398395
  • Email: darrin@noonies.org
  • Opening Hours:
    Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Sat: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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