Noonies Pet Care Terms & Conditions

Introduction:  Noonies Pet Care will visit the pet owner’s home to introduce ourselves and meet your pets and obtain all relevant pet details, Booking forms, and keys (if needed) before the start of our Dog Walking or Pet Sitting service at no charge to the owner.

Cancellation Fees: Noonies Pet Care will only charge a cancellation fee when the pet owner makes no attempt to contact or inform Noonies Pet Care on the day the booking was made and does not show up or Noonies Pet Care turns up to the owner’s property and the pet owner is not present or owner decides at that point to cancel or not to proceed with the service.

Owners Responsibilities & Booking information: The owner must supply pets’ food, instructions (including Booking Form –see below), bedding, cage (small caged animals), lead, harness, collar (with ID tag), medication and any other equipment required while in the care of Noonies Pet Care.

Before any of Noonies Pet Care services commence, the owner must inform and specify if their pet has any allergies, diet restrictions, ID/Registration Numbers, owners contact and emergency contact details, habits including social interaction and any phobias eg: fireworks, storms, aggression, barking, separation anxiety or prone to escaping. These can also be noted and submitted on the Noonies Booking Form which will be supplied to pet owners before Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services commence.

Noonies Pet Care services including Dog Walking and Pet Sitting will commence and finish when Noonies Pet Care arrives at or closes the front door, back door, front gate, side gate, and rear gate. In extreme heat or inclement weather, Noonies Pet Care has the right to decide the duration time of the walk for the dog’s health and well-being at the same cost even if the agreed time has not been exhausted. Noonies will instead spend the duration of time with the pet at the owner’s home.

It is recommended pet owners have the appropriate Pet Insurance in place for their pets.

Health & Safety:  Noonies Pet Care will not be held responsible for any accident or injury occurring whilst the client is away from their pet and not in the company of Noonies Pet Care. Also in the circumstance where the pet is injured because of the owner’s faulty equipment and or owner’s property or the pet escapes from the owner’s property, Noonies Pet Care will not be held responsible. It is recommended the pet owner regularly checks the serviceability of their pets’ equipment and boundaries. The owners’ dogs and cats must have a collar with a relevant ID tag with the pet’s name and contact number.

If the owner’s pet falls ill or injured whilst under the care of Noonies Pet Care, the health and well-being of the pet will always be Noonies Pet Care’s priority. If the pet requires Veterinary care and all attempts have been exhausted to contact the owners or the owner’s emergency contacts given to Noonies Pet Care, then the pet will be taken to the Veterinary Clinic/Hospital recommended by the owners at the owner’s expense including travel costs and time. Noonies Pet Care will then have the final decision on any life or death procedure on the recommendation of the Veterinary surgeon.  If this is not possible because the owners recommended Veterinary Clinic/Hospital is closed due to hours of operation or distance, then the next or closest available help will be sourced also at the owners’ expense.

Dog Grooming:  The dog owner must explain what their dog requires about grooming style, size and shape of the clip if their dog has any allergies to certain soaps, conditioners, water temperatures and the budget they would like to spend. This must be done before the owner leaves their dog with Noonies Pet Care. Payment by cash only.

Surcharges: Christmas Day – $20.00, all other Public Holidays – 20%. Surcharges will not apply for Boarding of pets at Noonies Pet Care premises.